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2014 Celebration of Scholars:   Explorations in Research, Humanities, and Fine Arts


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Live Well, Sleep Well, Be Well: The Influence of Lifestyle on Sleep and Health

Approximately one-third of the human lifespan is dedicated to sleep, and research suggests that sleep exerts important physiological, behavioral, and systematic influences on health and functioning.  Unfortunately, sleep problems are common, with over half of Americans reporting poor sleep over the past year.  Thus, efforts to improve and promote healthy sleep have become a public health priority.  Research has identified a number of lifestyle factors that impact the duration and quality of sleep (e.g., stress, caffeine consumption, smoking, alcohol use, exercise), and these findings have been translated into recommendations for a sleep promoting lifestyle.  However, investigation of the efficacy of such recommendations has been limited and inconclusive.  This presentation will review the empirical support for these recommendations to identify the most effective and appropriate strategies for sleep promotion in the general population.

The Keynote Address will follow the luncheon at 12:45 pm on Saturday, May 10 in the Student Center Ballroom.

Dr. Leah Irish joined the faculty in the Psychology Department of North Dakota State University after earning her Ph.D. in health psychology from Kent State University and completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Sleep and Chronobiology Center at the University of  Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Irish continues to expand her research program at NDSU investigating sleep, lifestyle factors, and emotions in the context of health and illness.  She is working toward the development of sleep promotion programs which may be applied to improve the health and functioning of patient populations an

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